Terms and Conditions of Engagement

    Terms and Conditions of Conducting Customer Experience Evaluations and Appraisals on behalf of  Frontline Global Solutions

  1. I agree that I am independently conducting appraisals   on behalf of Frontline Global Solutions Inc (hereinafter referred to as "FFGS")
  2. I also agree and acknowledge the following:
    1. That I am only engaged under these terms and conditions and understand that I am not nor will not under any circumstances represent myself as an employee of FFGS.
    2. That FFGS will reimburse my expenses at a rate determined by FFGS for each appraisal (the reimbursement).
    3. The reimbursement is subject to variation depending on scope.
    4. That I agree not to reveal myself as a  field agent under any circumstance unless expressly instructed by FFGS.
    5. That I agree to keep confidential and not disclose the details of any information provided to me from time to time by FFGS for the completion of the appraisal.
    6. That FFGS may share some of my demographic and background information with its clients to determine independence and suitability of my profile with appraisal requirements. FFGS will not share any other personal information with any third party.
    7. That I shall at all times, conduct myself in a professional manner when carrying out an appraisal on behalf of FFGS and shall not in any way bring FFGS into disrepute.
    8. That I will have no obligation to accept the appraisal, research or task being offered to me, being that I can refuse to participate at any time in any appraisal, research or tasks.
    9. That I will meet the instructions of FFGS in completing any given appraisal on the given day and will advise FFGS immediately where this is not possible.
    10. That FFGS shall not be responsible for any personal injury or liability incurred during the course of completing an appraisal or any requested task on behalf of FFGS.
    11. That I may sub-contract another person to undertake an appraisal provided I advise FFGS of the identity and contact details of that other person and:
      1. That person is a registered FFGS field agent and has accepted these same terms and conditions  and
        1. I assume responsibility for that person's delivery of the completed appraisal and for reimbursing that person and
        2. In these cases I will be reimbursed by FFGS.
  3. That all related appraisal materials and information provided to me by FFGS are considered to be proprietary and confidential and will be handled with care, not duplicated or distributed to any unauthorized third parties without express written permission of FFGS.
  4. To advise FFGS in writing of any changes in my personal profile information including but not limited to my address, telephone number(s), email address and banking information.
  5. To, where requested by FFGS, undertake certification and training related to any appraisal.
  6. To advise of any change in my personal circumstances that may present a conflict of interest in completing any appraisal on behalf of FFGS.
  7. That I can be contacted by FFGS via telephone, email, fax or post regarding any matter related to these terms & conditions.
  8. That FFGS may cease utilizing my services  by removing me from the FFGS appraiser database at any time without notice or reason.